About Underground Wire

Our company is here to serve the needs of the electrical industry with quality underground cable and wire at low prices. We work with multiple wire companies to guarantee that you, our customers, have a dependable supply of wire at a competitive price.

Please contact us and let us put our 40 years of electrical industry knowledge to use solving your underground cable and wire needs.

We are located in Toledo, Illinois, surrounded by people who we have grown up with and have worked with together for many years. We are definitely not the biggest town in the state, but we are now the smallest town in the United States to have a YMCA. You may ask how that is possible? The town has people in it who give back to the community. Honest hard-working people with high moral fiber that put the other person in ahead of themselves is what our community is all about — people who work hard for just a “thank you” or just a little appreciation. We love being here with our neighbors and friends and want to do our part to help the community to flourish.

We are not trying to be the biggest wire company, but we will not settle for anything short of the best.

Tim Grissom