UF-B 3-conductor Underground Direct Burial Outdoor Wire with ground

12/3 UF-B Outdoor Direct Burial Wire


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  • 12 GA AWG
  • UF-B
  • Underground wire doesn’t need conduit
  • 600V 90° C
  • 3 Conductors with ground
  • Black, white, and red solid soft drawn copper conductors
  • Overall jacketed gray PVC

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Product Information

Applications for Underground Wire:

Install 12/3 UF-B Underground Direct Burial Outdoor Wire and Feeder Cable directly underground without conduit and use as feeder wire for outdoor lighting, motors, and other applications.

Use type UF-B where the wire is exposed to direct rays of the sun or underground, including direct burial outdoors. The maximum voltage rating for Type UF-B wire is 1200 volts.

You may also know 12/3 UF-B Underground Direct Burial Outdoor Wire as:

  • 12/3 UF-B Direct Burial Wire
  • 12/3 Copper Underground Feeder Cable
  • 12/3 Copper Direct Burial Feeder Cable
  • 12/3 Branch Circuit Wiring Cable
  • 12/3 Solid Copper Direct Earth Burial Cable
  • 12/3 Underground PVC-coated copper wire and cable

The three conductors of 12/3 UF-B underground burial wire are made of solid annealed bare copper that is covered in a black, white, or red PVC jacket. The ground wire is solid bare copper.

Use underground 12/3 UF-B underground PVC-coated copper wire and cable as interior wiring in wet, dry, or corrosive locations at temperatures not to exceed 90°C or 194°F (with ampacity limited to that for 120°C (120°F conductors) as specified by the NEC (National Electrical Code).

PRODUCT WEIGHT: .129 lb/ft.

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